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Point of interest in Eyam Church and Churchyard

Finding your way around Eyam Parish Church

We have a booklet to guide you around the points of interest in Eyam Church and Churchyard. Available on the bookstall when you visit us.

Notes For Group Visitors

Welcome to Eyam Parish Church. We are sure that organisers of party visits appreciate that there are great numbers of visitors to Eyam each summer. There are over 100,000 people visiting the Church each year, including over 600 school parties. At the height of a season there are sometimes 400+ children per day looking round the village. This information sheet is intended to help you plan your visit so that it can be profitable and enjoyable for all concerned.

If you do wish to visit the Church, please complete the booking form and return to the Church Office. Due to the enormous number of groups visiting, it is essential that you book. Only booked groups will be guaranteed entry. We request a donation of £1.00 per head for children’s groups, and £1.50 per head for an adult group.
We can also provide a DVD presentation. The donations for these are, £1.50 per head for a children’s group, and £2.50 a head for an adult’s group.
Talks can be arranged preferably on Tuesday or Thursday mornings. The donation for a talk is £1.50 per head for a children’s group, and £2.50 per head for an adult group.

Please make sure that your party is well supervised at all times. We suggest at least one adult for each ten children. It is easier to move around the Church in small supervised groups than to allow a general ‘free for all’ round the building. This also applies in the Churchyard.

Please remember that it is a Church you are visiting, not simply a museum. It is used regularly for worship and is cared for by help from the village. Please treat the building with care and respect, in particular please:
NO RUBBING of memorials inside or outside the Church.
NO RUNNING either in the Church or in the Churchyard.
PLEASE observe the rope barriers at various points inside the Church and also the chains surrounding Catherine Mompesson’s Tomb and the Saxon Cross in the churchyard.

Church opening times
WINTER (October to Easter) 9am – 4pm CLOSED in adverse weather.
SUMMER (Easter to the end of September) 9am – 6pm
There is usually a Steward on duty in Summer to help with your visit.
• If you need help with the steps into Church we have ramps in the porch.
• The door can be stiff so please twist the door handle to the right and push.
• If you would like assistance please phone 01433 630930 during office hours on weekdays.

When moving around the village, please observe the Country Code. The Plague Cottages are private homes and are not open to the public. Please respect their privacy and do not trespass. Litter bins are provided throughout the village for your use - please use these bins and if they are full, which happens occasionally in the height of the season, please take all your litter home with you, we thank you for helping to keep our village tidy.

The people of the village are pleased to help with genuine enquiries and directions. However, please do not use questionnaires, which involve detailed questioning of local people.

To help you get the best from your visit please note the following information: Please study the map of the village. The sites of interest, which can easily be reached by foot, are clearly marked. Distances are approximate.
There are toilet facilities at the Car Park.
The Cucklet Delph is on private ground.
There are several shops in the village selling sweets, ice cream and souvenirs. Again, please ensure that parties entering shops are well supervised. Small groups only are allowed as the shops are very small, and we respectfully suggest the children are told not to eat in Church.

If you want to combine your visit to Eyam Church with visits to other sites in the village please contact them seperately. You may find our village links helpful.

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